Tuesday, January 18, 2011

We Seek After These Things...

It's been a while since I blogged but the theme for Mutual this year (the 13th Article of Faith) has gotten our family really thinking about the things we have in our home.  We have always been very aware of what comes into our home through media.  Heck, I even rip off the covers of my husband's Runners World magazine when it comes with a half-naked woman on it because we wouldn't allow that kind of scanty clothing on anything else and I have puberty raging in my house with two boys.  We keep it clean!

We have had Clearplay since our kids were small and recently got TV Guardian since they started production again.  Profanity just doesn't happen on TV at our house.  On the rare occasion it slips through, you can hear my kids audibly suck in their breath.  They are assaulted all day at middle school with profanity, but they know that at home, it's a profanity-free zone.  

I was cleaning up DVDs today and realized that we have a LOT of LDS-themed videos and that my Deacon-aged sons willingly choose to watch them over and over.  There are a lot of cute, clean, good movies out there that have an LDS theme that your kids and whole family will enjoy.  While they usually cost a little more than other movies you could buy, our opinion is that we are investing in our kids by buying them. They will have good choices over the junk that the world usually offers.  

Here's the list you'll find at our house.  There are lots more - many we have watched but not purchased.  Every time we get to a Deseret Book, we usually come out with at least one more for our boys to watch.  Our list tends towards action/adventure/mission because of our boys, but there are plenty of others that would appeal to adolescent girls.  And, of course, we have many videos produced by the church like Finding Faith in Christ and Legacy that our kids also watch on Sundays.  

  • Return with Honor
  • Mormons and Mafia
  • Baptists at our Barbecue
  • Work and The Glory
  • American Mormon
  • Forever Strong
  • The Best Two Years
  • Outlaw Trail
  • The Legend of Johnny Lingo (new version)
  • Singles Ward series
  • Money or Mission
  • Liken The Scriptures Series (they are like a high quality roadshow - so funny)
  • One Man's Treasure
  • Church Ball
  • Scout Camp
  • The Other Side of Heaven
  • Junior's Giants series (the kids still love to watch)

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